The Lake of Meez Savary is strictly reserved for carp fishing, all fish must be returned to the lake. With the greatest of care, for the safeguard of all the fish.

ishing is booked on a 24 hour basis, up to 7 days.

All fishermen must leave before 13.30, but can be delayed until dusk if no fisherman are due to arrive, this can only be agreed on the day you are to leave.


Fishing is restricted to a 3 Rod limit.

Barbless hooks only (no crushed barbs excepted)

Cradle type mats only to be used and must be at least 1m25 long, and wetted before every fish. (Cradles can be hired for a fee of 6 euros per session from the owner if required)

No Fixed Leads (running rigs only via a run ring system i.e. Fox,Korda) absolutely no shocker bead type systems allowed, the lead must be able to slide free of the line in the event of a cut off. Lead clips are tolerated however must be shown to slide up the line and are not to be fixed in any way, they are NOT be used with a shock leader or leader (ie leadcore,safe zone, etc) tubing only or naked straight through.

Regular rig checks will be carried out during your stay.

Please ensure that all fins on the fish are tucked into the body before lifting from the lake

No braided hooklinks, fluorocarbon only

Rods must be attended at all times.

Bait boats are not permitted.


All access to the water is strictly forbidden.

Noise must be kept to a minimum.

No Rubbish to be left on site.

Non anglers are welcomed but must be arranged with the owner before your arrival, (a small fee of 3 euros a day is asked for non angling guests)

No cutting down of bank side ve

No cutting down of bank side vegetation.

Excessive drinking of alcohol will not be accepted and may result in expulsion from the lake with no reimbursement.

Carp sacks are not permitted,(this also includes the misuse of retention slings being used as a sack), all fish are to be immediately returned to the water ASAP, all photos must be taken immediately and no fish are to be held above knee height.

Vehicles can only be parked behind swims 1&2 for swims 3,4and 5 cars must be parked in the designated area after dropping off your equipment.

The owner holds no responsibility of loss or damage of personnel property

As the lake is situated in the natural reserve of Brenne, the use of the WC is obligatory. Fishermen will have to remove their own rubbish and deposit it at the time of departure at the country cottage. No rubbish is to be thrown in the water or in the vegetation, this includes packages of cigarettes and the cigarette ends.  


Road of acces to the pond

Return reception